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Pomegranate & Fig Massage Creme 750g (26oz)

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750g (26oz)

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Product Description

Cuccio Naturale – Massage Creme 26oz – Pomegranate & Fig

  • Enhance your manicure and pedicure treatments with our energising and moisturising Cuccio Hydra-Massage Treatment, a non-oily formula Massage Creme
  • The soothing, hydrating and creamy formulas that enhance the workability and control of your massages giving you perfect balance of friction and glide
  • No rinsing required and leaves no oily residue
  • Extend your current massage within your manicures and pedicures to 10-20 minutes or add as a new luxurious service
  • An intense hydrating massage treatment on arms, hands, legs and feet – a perfect way to increase your service income
  • Pomegranate & Fig – delivers powerful anti-oxidants to the skin
  • Although 32oz is shown, you will receive 26oz

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